The Farm

I didn’t know exactly where our destination was….  Being a passenger is, for me, a bit reminiscent of childhood car rides with that magic of ending up somewhere cool (because unless I am driving, I NEVER manage to remember the roads traveled!)  Martin, my sheep shearing friend, drove and we chatted about all sorts of random things.  How getting married is like joining another culture.  How wool quality is impacted by breeding choices made when wool prices are down.  Kids, families, jobs, choices.  And then we turned off a dirt road onto two well-loved ruts that led to a perfectly idyllic farmstead.

A heeler came to greet us, and led the way around the back of the barn and inside.  As I took in my first glimpse of freshly shorn sheep, I was welcomed by the wonderfully familiar smell of barnyard, sheep, and lanolin, and the perfectly happy sounds of 30 or so new lambs and their mamas.  Bev and I were introduced, and we learned that in the previous week alone, five of her ewes had all had triplets, and plenty more had twins!  

These two touched my heart, all was motionless except their adorably wagging tails.  The barn had the relaxed and happy atmosphere of moms and new babies doing just what they needed to be doing.  Bev told me the mamas were eating about double the hay since they had lambed.  I peeked in at all the triplets.  Tiny, adorable.  A fleeting snapshot of delicate new life.

And then I saw it.

In that moment, I knew allllll of it was coming home with me.